This Year's Cookie Flavors ! 

I'm going to make these lovely cookies for Valentines Day.  Linzer cookies with a homemade raspberry filling.   

Lemon Amaretti Cookies.   Made with Almond Flour, egg whites, sugar and lemon.  Soft and delicious!  Gluten Free

Mint Chip Cookies

A moist chocolate cookie  studded with Andes mint chocolate chips . Topped with a chocolate glaze and crushed peppermint sticks.


Peanut Butter Kisses 

Made with Peanut butter, eggs, sugar, baking powder, vanilla - and a kiss. 

Gluten Free! 

Triple Ginger Molasses Cookies

Soft cookies with small chunks of crystallized ginger.  Like Grandma's cookies with a special surprise inside.  

Hummingbird Cookies 

A soft cookie with no added sugar. Made with banana, coconut and pineapple - so it has sweetness, but no added sugar.  A healthier option. 


Cranberry Orange Cookies

Loaded with flavor!  Orange zest and juice, dried cranberries and white chocolate chunks.  

Russian Tea Cakes

This cookie has flour,pecans, maple syrup, butter and confectioners sugar.   A simple but very delicious cookie. 

We offer these cookies only around the holidays.  Hope you think of us around the holidays!